About Us

Brand History

Early in the 15th century, a huge fleet of ships led by Zhenghe set sail from Changle where the company is located. It was the first of a series of voyages that would, for a brief period, establish China as the leading power of the age. 600 years later, Jianping Liu,the founder of Eterns Group,was born in a poor family from Changle. He did kinds of jobs for making a living. One of the jobs was a knitting machine repairman .The place he born support him the talent of trading. He learned the skills of knitting while repairing the knitting machines. And then he founded Furong Knitting in 1993.The company carries on Zhenghe’s adventure spirit, dedicating itself to widening new development space.


Who We Are

Eternes Group consists of Furong Knitting Factory and Eternes trading company.

Fujian Furong Knitting Co Ltd was founded in 1993. The company is specialized in the manufacturing of knitted fabrics. The company has knitting plant and dyeing plant. Its infrastructures on water, power, gas and sewage disposal are completed and the production facilities from Germany and Taiwan reach the world’s advanced level. It has formed a comparatively completed technological innovation system and Eternes trading company was set up in 2019.


Our products are well-tested. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Oeko Tex Standard 100 for international ecological textile product. The testing center has been approved by Decathlon.


Business Registration information

Knitting Factory: Furong Knitting Co., Ltd

Founded: 1993

Location: Changle, Fujian, China


Registered Capital: RMB 3, 000, 0000

Business Type: Limited Liability Company

Organization Code: 15486506-6


Trading Company: Fujian Eternes Industry&Development Co.,Ltd

Founded: 2019

Location: Jinan, Fujian, China


Registered Capital: RMB 5,000, 0000000

Business Type: Limited Liability Company

Organization Code: MA33EDMN-5

Social Responsibility

Eternes  places a strong emphasis on green, low-carbon environmental protection and the promotion of scientific and technological advances within the textile industry. By developing high-end textile products, we aim to gain a competitive edge in the domestic and international market and seize business opportunities amidst fierce competition.